Sara  Duke, M.M.Sc.


 Full Psycho-educational Assessment

A full psycho-educational assessment begins with  gathering of information from parents, teachers, and other professionals.  Depending on their age and needs, there are usually two testing sessions with children and adolescents each lasting about two and a half hours.   The testing  will assess a wide variety of areas : intellectual, attention, academic, language, visual and auditory processing, learning style  and general behavior.  When indicated or warranted in individual instances further psychological consultation is provided by Marshall P. Duke, Ph.D.,   Professor of Psychology at Emory University.

Upon completion of testing and integration of all information,  a feedback session is then held with parents.  Older students are also given feedback directly.   There will be a wide variety of types of recommendations as well as communication with other involved professionals.     A meeting is also held at the child’s school with the parents present since this collaborative development of a plan is essential for implementation of knowledge gained through the thorough assessment process. A written report is given to the parents following this process and the parents are free to distribute this to people of their choosing.   Follow-up telephone conversations are typical.  Further office consultations and school visits are also available.


               Help is available for school placement, both local and national.  Consultation is also provided to aid students in need of guidance in improving their academic performance.

College Counseling

            Guidance regarding college selection is available for all students, but especially for those with specific learning needs.   Help in obtaining appropriate accommodations and support at college is also provided.


A wide variety of workshops, talks and teaching sessions are offered related to education and parenting.  Many of these are done with Marshall Duke who has done much of his research in the area of social development, social relationship problems and social skills.

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